Welcome to the homepage of the Magnetic Resonance Systems Research Lab (MRSRL). The MRSRL is a medical imaging group in Electrical Engineering with a long history of developing new methods for improved magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Ph.D. students and research staff of the MRSRL investigate a wide range of MRI technologies and applications, often working with clinicians and scientists at Stanford and around the world.


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Electrical Engineering offers four medical imaging courses. Interested students are encouraged to enroll.

EE369A (Medical Imaging I) X-Ray, Computed Tomography and Nuclear Medicine
EE369B (Medical Imaging II) Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
EE369C Medical Image Reconstruction
EE469B RF Pulse Design for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Note: EE369A is not a prerequisite for EE369B, but EE369A and B are prerequisites for EE369C.

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